Brian Torry


Intersection Reconstruction

The City of Toronto issued a deferral for the reconstruction work planned for theKing-Queen-Roncesvalles intersection and westward on The Queensway to Parkside Drive that was to take place this summer. The feedback that was received from contractors specified there are areas of construction and design that require additional review and clarity. Therefore, the project has been pushed back to 2020 based on delivery, schedule and budgeting complications.

The TTC and multiple CIty Divisions are working to formalize the design, schedule and tender and reporting to the Infrastructure & Environment Committee. Additional information will be released in April to the stakeholders (Parkdale BIA, Roncesvalles BIA, St. Joseph’s Health Centre). With further details to follow for the residents.

Scope of Work  
Replacing the sewer and track around the intersection. The King Street West leg will be realigned to create greater visibility at the intersection. As well, Roncevalles will also be bumped out at the intersection. The eastbound streetcar centre platform stop will be relocated to the far side of the intersection and at Glendale Avenue streetcar platforms will be modified and constructed.

The city will be modifying the signal at Glendale Ave and The Queensway and signalizing the intersection at Sunnyside and The Queensway. The addition of dedicated eastbound (left turn) lanes at Sunnyside Ave, Glendale Ave, and The Queensway. Including the streetcar track vertical alignment at Claude Ave to enhance the right-in/ right-out.

Stages of Work  

  • Stage 1:Roncesvalles (from Harvard to The Queensway / Queen Street West)
  • Stage 2:Queen Street West and The Queensway (Sunnyside to Triller)
  • Stage 3:The Queensway (Parkside to Sunnyside)