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 Sorauren Park - 2019 Outdoor Movie Season

Save these dates to catch all the movies in the park:

Saturday, August 24: Dirty Dancing (PG-13, 1978) & Ghost (PG-13, 1990)
Movie starts at 8:00pm

Saturday, September 28: The Iron Giant (PG, 1999)
Movie starts at 7:15, Kids' Night (and Kids at Heart)!

Sorauren Park Farmers Market

Every Monday From 3-7pm at the Fieldhouse

  • Fresh Food
  • Live Music
  • Catching Up With Neighbours 
  • Tasty Snacks

Hosting A Party In The Sorauren Park Field House

City permits can be obtained to book private or group events in the Fieldhouse. 

Permit Policies

The City of Toronto maintains city-wide permit policies. This web page offers condensed versions of the policies but is not a replacement for the official policies. In all cases, the City’s official policies and rates supersede anything that may appear on this web site.

At this time, the Fieldhouse is not available for groups serving alcohol, e.g. team parties. Exceptions may be made for wine-and-cheese-type events like an art show opening. Permits are issued at the discretion of Parks, Forestry and Recreation at all times.

If you have any questions, you should email You may also try calling the Parkdale Community Recreation Centre at 416-392-6696, which is responsible for administering the Sorauren Park Fieldhouse.

What Fieldhouse facilities can I rent out?

The Sorauren Park Fieldhouse is a two-storey building with approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of wonderfully lit space on each floor. It has two washrooms and a kitchen on the main floor equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, coffee machine, kettle, dishwasher, sink. You should bring your own dishes and washing-up gear.

Currently, the main floor also has a desk, folding tables and chairs. Upstairs has some storage cabinets and a nice big double-sink suitable for arts and crafts, but no other furniture at this time. You should speak with Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff at the time you submit your permit(s) regarding any furniture requests.

Click below to download PDF floorplans for the two floors:



As a general rule, the Fieldhouse will only be rented to one group at a time (e.g. both floors), to prevent noise, space and washroom conflicts. However, if two groups want the Fieldhouse at the same time and the uses are not conflicting (e.g. a meeting upstairs and a meeting downstairs), and both groups are OK with it, then permits may be issued to both groups, at the discretion of PFR.

Fieldhouse occupancy is officially limited to 20 (downstairs) and 25 (upstairs), or a total of 45 people at any one time. Occupany rates are determined by the number of washrooms available (2).

The exterior landscaping includes a patio connected to the Town Square. Please call PFR if you would like to permit the space outside the Fieldhouse as well.

How much does it cost?

Rates depend on which category you or your group falls into. NOTE: Rates may change, so use these unofficial rates as a guideline only. Rentals are done on a 2-hour block; rates quoted are per hour:

PRIVATE/COMMERCIAL including birthday parties             $24.19/ hour

NON PROFIT AGENCY RESIDENT-Adult                                  $12.10

NON PROFIT AGENCY RESIDENT-Children & Youth                 $0.00

NON PROFIT AGENCY RESIDENT- Older Adult                        $0.00

Extra Fees:

Tables: $5.00 each

Chairs:  $1.00 each

Staff: $15.00 per hour

All revenue collected as part of the permit process is directed to the City of Toronto PFR general revenues.

Using The Bake Oven In Sorauren Park

The bake oven is available for public or private bookings through Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Outdoor ovens can be reserved by groups hosting an event or program or by individuals for their own use.

Application Timeline

  • Available all year round, from  8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • The application must be completed at least six weeks before the event
  • Payment must be paid in full for the booking being completed

How To Book An Outdoor Oven

Be prepared

You must contact the local site supervisor to review any requirements for your booking. This includes what tools you’ll need, if any tools are available, if staff need to be hired, how much firewood you’ll need and more.


  1. Call customer service to find an available location and to provide your information
    • 416-392-8188
    • Operating hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday
  2. Pay the applicable social gathering fee to confirm your booking. Insurance is also required. Payment is required in full before a permit will be issued.

Using The Outdoor Oven

At least one member of the group who attends the event must be trained on the proper use of an outdoor oven. You can meet this requirement by reading the Outdoor Oven in a City Park Training Guide PDF.

If you don’t want to operate the oven at their event, you can hire staff at your own cost to operate the oven.

If food will be served and/or sold to members of the public, you must meet all safe food preparation and handling requirements set out by Toronto Public Health.

Read General Terms & Conditions for etiquette and other rules.


Applicants must have general liability insurance naming the City of Toronto as an additional insured, with a minimum of $2 million coverage. If the applicant does not have this insurance, they may be able to purchase coverage through the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Customer Service Unit.