Brian Torry


Staging is the Difference

When we sell a house we always want to present the home in its most beautiful light. It should look like it just fell out of a magazine spread. While it's true that almost no-one really lives that way, when a house goes to market we are selling we are no longer selling our home, we are selling a home and we want it to attract the greatest number of buyers possible.

Does Staging Help? 

Everything we do to prepare a home for sale will help in the final selling price. When we stage we are trying to prepare the home to be attractive to as many potential buyers as possible and particularly to the target market we think will be buying your house. 

Staging will generally cost in the range of $3,000 -  5,000 depending on how many rooms are staged and how much of the owner's furniture is used compared to how much is rented. The photos in our before and after example are from a recent sale in Parkdale.  The owners spent two weeks preparing the house to be staged and then used a combination of AirBnB, family and friend accommodations to keep themselves and their kids out of the house.  A staged house needs to stay staged and the commitment to leave during the sales process makes staging that much more worth it.

A staging consultation is one of the first steps in preparing your home for sale. When you are ready to start thinking about your home sale make sure to contact Brian for a walk through of your home and a candid evaluation of how much staging you may or may not need.